Wye for the Walkers & Cyclists


 These Cyclists arrived in Wye by bike and went for a long walk.

We welcome Walkers and Cyclists to the village and countryside of Wye where you can enjoy your leisure, eat, drink and sleep.

If you are coming by car to start your walk from Wye we have a FREE car park near the Co Op in Churchfield Way TN25 5BP


We have received the email below informing us of a most interesting walk concerning the Ash Tree,

From: Madeleine Hodge [mailto:Madeleine.Hodge@kentdowns.org.uk] 
Sent: 20 July 2017 09:20
To: clerk@wyeparish.info
Subject: The Ash Project: Introduction and Wye Walk.

Dear Wye Parish Council,

On Saturday 29 July we are hosting a walk in Wye that we thought you might
be interested in. In this walk by the leaders of the Kentish Stour
Countryside Partnership, we learn about the way in which trees provide
important reference points in our ancient landscapes. The walk is free and
is part of The Ash Project. (More information about the project is below,
could you help us spread the word about this free walk in Wye? People can
book online.

Saturday 29 July 2017, 10:30am - 1pm
Sidelands Farm on Little Olantigh Road. Post code TN25 5DQ [Grid Ref
TR066467] http://www.theashproject.org.uk/reference-points/

The ash tree is the most common tree in the Kent Downs. In 2012 when ash
dieback, (caused by the fungal pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus), was first
discovered in England, the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was
one of the first areas to notice the rapid spread of the disease. The Ash
Project is an urgent cultural response to this devastating loss of one of
our most important species of tree.

Ash dieback is widely accepted to be untreatable and could see the demise of
90-98% of these trees over the next decade. The scale of the ecological
impact caused by the disease is as yet unmeasured. Ash trees provide
valuable ecological flood defence and contribute to air quality. Almost 1000
species use ash trees as habitat, food and life support.

The Ash Project asks how we might mark and celebrate ash trees before it is
too late. The project combines a major new commission by internationally
recognised artists Ackroyd & Harvey with a wide ranging walks, talks and
workshops programme, an online archive and a Kent wide plan for landscape
restoration. We are collaborating across conservation and scientific
research work to develop a cultural approach that will preserve memories of
the tree in extraordinary and enduring ways for the generations who will
live with the loss.

Thank you,

Madeleine Hodge
Project Manager
The Ash Project
Kent Downs AONB Unit
Tel: 01303 815170
Working 9am - 5pm Monday to Wednesday

Follow us on twitter -  https://twitter.com/the_ash_project
Follow us on instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_ash_project/

A New Wye Tree Trail Now Available.

Collect one of these free leaflets and set off on an amazing walk of Wye’s Trees. Available from Ticketyboo 145 Bridge Street  01233 812671.




Please note that OS Maps of our area are on sale at Wye News opposite the Parish Church.

Across Fanscombe Valley 2 Wibberley Way Footpath



If you are on holiday and your dog needs to be seen by a vet. Cinq Port vets are on hand with an emergency service.

For opening times and details of the Wye Branch http://www.cinqueportsvets.co.uk/clinics/wye-clinic.html#.Uwp4ZSlFCM9Telephone 01233  813 003. In an emergency if the Wye Branch is closed please ring

01233 640022 where the Kingsnorth Branch will be pleased to help you. http://www.cinqueportsvets.co.uk/services/emergency_service.html#.Uwp5WSlFCM8

Wye has a bus and train service

For Bus Time Table :http://www.thanington-pc.gov.uk/services/652timetable.pdf

Rail enquiries: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/prcad8810a0400020186e2b6bcc315d7.aspx

The Wye Crown is all part of the North Downs Way walk which is well sign posted. http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/north-downs-way Wye is very popular with cyclists http://www.cycle-route.com/routes/Wye_Down_Circular-Cycle-Route-2498.html


We have a train station which is one stop away from the Ashford International Station. Our village is also on a bus route between Ashford and Canterbury.

For those arriving in Wye and wish to have a walk leaving them time to explore the village and enjoy a drink or meal there are many footpaths networking around us which will bring you back to the village.

Green travel information


Circular Walk to Wye National Nature Reserve


Circular Walk to Chilham from Wye




Reporting problems on a public right of way.

Its a real pleasure to be able to walk along our footpaths, climb over styles and walk through

kissing gates. The Wye Footpath Preservation Society  have regular walks around the Wye countryside reporting obstructions and dangerous styles along the way. (Click on our Events page www.wyeweb.org for details of their Spring Walk programme.)

However, if you should come across an obstacle or dangerous style, did you know that Kent County Council have an excellent website whereby you can report such things yourself? Once you have signed in you can go to a map and by clicking and enlarging, you can locate the exact spot and report your findings.


The Wye Business Association are Associate Members of the Walkers are Welcome UK Network

http://www.walkersarewelcome.org.uk/ and are working their way to obtain full membership with an accreditation for our village. We have the support of our Parish Council and also our Footpath Preservation Society who would welcome your assistance in keeping our footpaths in good order by reporting obstructions and dangers.

Helping to keep our footpaths open, makes Wye a great place for visiting walkers who use our shops, pubs, restaurants and accommodation businesses.

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Cycle route 18

Patrick Keegan and his son Nick will with the help of friends and supporters be able enjoy the final results of all their labour in making a dream come true this coming May 3rd.

Route 18 is a traffic free cycle path between Godmersham and Chartham. It offers stunning views of the Stour Valley and Chilham Castle.

With much dedication and in memory of his Mother Catha, Nick has worked tirelessly for this route to extend to Chilham, Wye and Ashford. Along the way will be an incredible oak seat for cyclists and walkers to rest a while opposite Chilham Castle. This will be known as Catha’s seat.

Nick who grew up in Wye and lives with his Father in Upper Bridge Street has been persistent in turning his Mother’s work into a reality. This has even included a sponsored bike ride to Istanbul. There will be more news later but for those that would like to share in the excitement of the launch day, put the 3rd of May in your diary and have your bicycles at the ready!

For full details of the story http://www.cathas-seat.org/



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