Apr 07 2016

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Wye Beauty Sky Dive

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Robyn Gardener of Wye Beauty  www.rtbs.co.uk was inspired last year to take a 
sky dive in aid of the Breast Cancer charity. When the great day came she had raised her 
target of £395.
 However, having braced herself for this daredevil act, her jump was cancelled due
 to bad weather. After two more cancellations and a year later Robyn writes....... 

Robyn Sky Dive

'Perfect weather on Sunday 13th March at Headcorn Airfield. The most amazing 
experience of my life! I felt very safe and surprisingly not nervous at all! 
We jumped at 12,000 feet, did a free fall at 130mph for 30seconds and then 
there was 5minutes of gently coming down. 
You can talk to each other during the decent.The views were fantastic. 
I would do it all again! The good news is that by being postponed 
three times, the original £395 target has turned into £1,400 for Breast 
Cancer which is brilliant. 
Thanks to generous family, friends and clients!'

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