Local Services

Where can I get something to eat?

Where can I get a cup of Coffee?

Where can I get my car fixed?
Where can I stay?

Where can I find a reliable handyman?

Where can I … ?
The answer is almost always, “In Wye”.

Where can I find a magician?

(And YES you can get cash back at our Co Op and Post Office!)

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Wye is a unique village with a surprisingly active local economy. Many other villages have unfortunately lost their rural services including local buses and post offices. In Wye we have also struggled against urbanisation and the threat of the supermarket and we have suffered some decline. We have however fought on and the Wye Business Association provided a mutually supportive body. It also promoted the village and its businesses. The aim,  to encourage local residents to use their local services, cater for the needs of people from neighbouring villages and to attract visitors and newcomers.

We are extremely lucky to have an incredibly wide range of services on offer in the village. You would be amazed at how many of your everyday jobs and chores can be done within Wye from buying a postage stamp to purchasing a new house – and everything in between! You can buy groceries, newspapers and books, hire videos and DVDs, have your hair cut, , get your car repaired, have your clothes dry cleaned, dine at one of the numerous excellent eateries and pubs, fresh meat and cheese, do your banking at the Post Office and select gifts and  works of art. You can even stay in Wye. Two pubs and a Restaurant have accommodation plus we have a B&B and self contained accommodation in a converted barn. http://wyebusiness.org.uk/wye-accomodation-and-places-to-eat/

Wye for the tourist is certainly a place you will never forget! http://wyebusiness.org.uk/wye-for-the-tourist/


In addition to all this, we have a wonderful bakery producing its own bread. In terms of professional services, Wye is well equipped with Wye Surgery, a dental practice, retained fire service, library, osteopath, physiotherapist,  IT services, financial services, language training and landscape design.

Jo Bushnell now retired from the Police has qualified to carry out basic home electricals and has set up as a home handyman including decorating.

We even have a Magician. Ettienne Pradier (International Magician.) During his spare time he does alterations and repairs! http://www.frenchmagician.co.uk


The Wye Farmers Market was one of the first Farmers Markets set up in the country.  It is the only Farmers Market in Kent to have met the high standards set by the National Association of Farmers Markets which merits their certificate of accreditation.


The Farmers Market has provided a focal point twice a month for the community to meet socially and enjoy high quality, local produce. Visitors to the Farmers Market also tend to visit other shops in the village which helps to improve Saturday trade.

Wye has retained its regular bus service and railway station, making it easy to travel to Wye and benefit from the services on offer in the village.

We also have a public car park nearby the Co Op opposite Churchfield Way Green

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