Feb 27 2018

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Village Shops Working Together

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During last night as snow continued to fall from the evening onwards, Pauline Hickson our village baker had been baking the bread for today’s trade.

After her night’s work she returned home to get some rest. Unfortunately neither Pauline or her assistant were able to get back to Wye due to the heavy snowfall.

A phone call to Martin and Sarah Wakelin who run their butcher’s shop opposite, saw a note on the bakery door directing customers for their bread over to the butchers. Anyone visiting Wakelin’s today would have been aware of the tall trolley full of lovely fresh baked bread which Martin and Sarah had offered to sell for Pauline.

Local businesses in Wye have always supported one another and todays events is just one example of how we carry on here in Wye.

Thanks to Martin and Sarah, Pauline’s trade continued but from a different shop!



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