Apr 12 2018

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Our Place Promote Wholesale Purchase off the Internet

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Whilst a group of local people are democratically free to invite the Community to join their Wholesome Wye Buyers Group. It is morally wrong for Our Place a Government initiative and Parish Council adopted project funded with public money to promote this. http://www.wyeparish.info/our-place.html

In the Our Place April edition of their newsletter, it states ‘Ordering in quantity means that all items we purchase are often significantly cheaper than buying in shops.’

The reference to shops in this way is a broad brush stroke written without sensitivity to the few remaining food shops that Wye has left.

The Wye Business Association has spent the last twenty two years working hard to preserve our Village Shops and do not expect Our Place to endanger the remaining shops by using public funds to act against them.

There are Parish Councillors on the Our Place Committee who have lived here long enough to know how much the Wye shops have done for their Community in gratitude for the Community’s support of their businesses. The WBA have always seen business as a two way situation of giving and receiving.

We were pleased to read on the same Our Place News letter of all the good works achieved during the snow. This included shopping.

Should the village ever be entirely cut off by snow as it was in 1986 and there are no shops left in Wye, it would prove very difficult to carry out voluntary shopping for those less able to venture out.

A little more careful thought and joined up thinking please.

Perhaps Our Place when spending public money on their next issue of their news letter could encourage people to support their local shops! Shop keepers pay income tax like everyone else.

Ann Sutherland

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