Feb 16 2018

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New Bespoke Picture Framing Service Wye

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Oak frame with double mount.

Do you have something that needs framing;  a canvas, a print or photo that has been waiting for the right frame?  Or is there something you have which you would like re-framed ?

A new Wye Picture Framing Service  offers  you  choice  from a very wide range of frames (also known as mouldings) available to you. All frames are professionally constructed and samples are available.

They  also professionally mount (single or double)  work. You  just choose  the colour and texture of the  mountboard you prefer  from their wide selection. Samples of mountboards are available.

Finally, there is a  range of glazing options   available from Water White (colourless float glass),  Reflection Control,  Conservation Control   (which offers high UV protection) and Museum Glass . All glass  is cut to order.

As  a  new start-up, this service have low overheads making their pricing very competitive.

These frames create  a unique gift for any occasion.

For more details contact:

Email : intheframewye@btinternet.com

Text : 07983 687798

11 Oxenturn Road, Wye, TN25 5BH



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