Jun 14 2017

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Charity Book Fair Last Saturday

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I am delighted to report that we raised £315 for the Demelza House Children’s Hospice at the Book Fair on Saturday.

Huge thanks to all the helpers – Ann, Polly, John and Pat, who manned the stalls and helped clear away. Also Catherine, who drove all the way from Canterbury to give us more load-carrying capacity to shuttle books to and from my store on both Friday and Saturday.

An especial thanks to Gervase, who also brought his car along as well as a strong pair of arms. We shifted around half a ton of books into and out of the Village Hall (i.e. close on one ton of books in total). Without his help, I’d probably have woken up in the William Harvey on Sunday!

I am also very grateful to those very generous villagers who were not able to come along on Saturday, but put donations through my door to support such an inspirational charity.

My final thanks is to all of you who donated the books. Without your contributions there would simply have been no Book Fair!

Ian Cooling



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