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Apr 12 2018

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Our Place Promote Wholesale Purchase off the Internet

Whilst a group of local people are democratically free to invite the Community to join their Wholesome Wye Buyers Group. It is morally wrong for Our Place a Government initiative and Parish Council adopted project funded with public money to promote this.

In the Our Place April edition of their newsletter, it states ‘Ordering in quantity means that all items we purchase are often significantly cheaper than buying in shops.’

The reference to shops in this way is a broad brush stroke written without sensitivity to the few remaining food shops that Wye has left.

The Wye Business Association has spent the last twenty two years working hard to preserve our Village Shops and do not expect Our Place to endanger the remaining shops by using public funds to act against them.

There are Parish Councillors on the Our Place Committee who have lived here long enough to know how much the Wye shops have done for their Community in gratitude for the Community’s support of their businesses. The WBA have always seen business as a two way situation of giving and receiving.

We were pleased to read on the same Our Place News letter of all the good works achieved during the snow. This included shopping.

Should the village ever be entirely cut off by snow as it was in 1986 and there are no shops left in Wye, it would prove very difficult to carry out voluntary shopping for those less able to venture out.

A little more careful thought and joined up thinking please.

Perhaps Our Place when spending public money on their next issue of their news letter could encourage people to support their local shops! Shop keepers pay income tax like everyone else.

Ann Sutherland

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Mar 17 2018

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Wye Bakery a Blogger’s Inspiration

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Pauline Hickson of Wye Bakery has sent us a copy of an email she received from blogger and author Jessie Cahalin.

Click on her link below to read her amazing creative account of her visit to Wye Bakery.

Wye Bakery Bread

We visited your lovely bakery in the summer. I chatted with you and your daughter, and explained I would blog about the experience. Well, after all this time, here is my blog post. I am a blogger and an author so the post combines a literary reference. I hope your like it. Here is the link to the blog post: I have shared the post of Facebook at:

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Feb 27 2018

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Village Shops Working Together

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IMG_2764 (2)  wye-bakery-pauline

During last night as snow continued to fall from the evening onwards, Pauline Hickson our village baker had been baking the bread for today’s trade.

After her night’s work she returned home to get some rest. Unfortunately neither Pauline or her assistant were able to get back to Wye due to the heavy snowfall.

A phone call to Martin and Sarah Wakelin who run their butcher’s shop opposite, saw a note on the bakery door directing customers for their bread over to the butchers. Anyone visiting Wakelin’s today would have been aware of the tall trolley full of lovely fresh baked bread which Martin and Sarah had offered to sell for Pauline.

Local businesses in Wye have always supported one another and todays events is just one example of how we carry on here in Wye.

Thanks to Martin and Sarah, Pauline’s trade continued but from a different shop!



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Dec 12 2017

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Wakelin’s Turkey Hot Favourite at Christmas Lunch

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IMG_9360 IMG_9363

IMG_9368 IMG_9374

Luckley House Sheltered Housing unit held their Social Club Christmas lunch yesterday.

Thirty two people sat down to a three course meal organised by the Scheme Manager Denise Libbeter and Resident Veronica Cackett.

They were helped by four volunteers and of course Jack Woodford stepped in once again to play his role of Santa. Santa even helped in the kitchen washing up!

The delicious turkey was purchased from our local butcher Wakelins in Church Street. With the personal service offered at this Wye establishment, carving the meat proved no problem. Martin Wakelin prepared the meat by taking it off the bone. It was then rolled ready for the oven. It takes a skilled butcher to do this.

Wakelin’s are currently accepting orders for Christmas. If you want a tasty Christmas joint or bird  with personal service and advice, why not give Martin and Sarah Wakelin a call: 01233 812225

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Oct 05 2017

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Perry Court Farm Apple Fayre


Apple Fayre

This wonderful annual event is in aid of the Ashford Pilgrim’s Hospice.

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Sep 28 2017

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Farmer’s Market Saturday 7th October 9am – 12pm

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Cake & Bake F.Market 4 F.Market 2

c75e2c9f-c8b6-4157-b044-edcc5209c626 Ripple Farm (3) F.Market 1

Wye Farmer’s Market Saturday 7th October 9am to 12pm

Autumn is now fully upon us and thoughts turn to hearty casseroles, warming soups, game, a wider selection of fish and shellfish as the waters around our shores cool (remember the saying “only eat Mussels when there is an ‘r’ in the month”). Vegetables in season now include pumpkins, gourds and squashes, celeriac, chestnuts and of course the wonderfully local Kentish Cob Nuts, wet walnuts, apples and pears are now at their glorious best. So come to the market, stock up on your autumnal local produce, go for a long walk and come home to a fantastic one pot wonder or warming soup.

A big warm welcome to Cake ‘n Bake

At the last market we were very excited to welcome our new cake stall, Cake ‘n Bake. They had a very successful first market on 16th September and very nearly sold out of their cakes. Cake ‘n Bake is run by mother and daughter, Judith and Gemma Lewis. Cakes are all baked in their home in Wye, where possible using locally sourced ingredients. At the market, they were joined by Gemma’s daughter Ruby, making three generations of the family on the stall. A wide selection of cakes went down extremely well with the sweet-toothed locals, so please come along to the next market, show your support for this (very) local family business and of course buy some delicious cakes.

Your Market

Please remember that the Wye Farmer’s Market is your market to enjoy, to shop, to meet people, and to relax whilst the kids play on the green. So if there are stalls you would like to see, things you would like to happen at the market, do you wnat a stall for something you produce (within 30 miles of the market) or know someone who does? Then please do contact me and let me have your thoughts. Craig Macara – Market Manager

October Recipe.

As the seasons change I often find myself returning to my favourite seasonal cookbook, the River Cafe Green CookBook. It is a delightful celebration of what’s in season and splits the year into months, so turning to October it’s all about Chestnuts, Pears, Polenta, Pumpkin, Porcini and Truffles. I’ve picked a soup this month, as their soups are always a wonderfully complex warming delight after an autumn walk. Chestnut and Celeriac Soup Ingredients (for six) 500g cooked and peeled chestnuts (why not try with Kentish Cob Nuts). 60g unslated butter 2 medium celeriac peeled and cubed 150g finely diced pancetta or smoky streaky bacon from VJ Game inner head of celery finely diced 3 cloves of garlic chopped 1 litre of chicken stock 5 juniper berries 4 fresh bay leaves (remove centre spine and finely chop) 150ml double cream 100g parmesan cheese (or replace with a nice hard cheese from Cheesemakers of Canterbury) extra virgin olive oil Method Heat the chicken stock in a saucepan. In a seperate pan melt the butter and ass the pancetta, slowly cook until transparent. Add the celeriace and celery and stir to combine the flavours for a few minutes. Add the whole chestnutsand chopped garlic and cook on a low flame stirring. Then add juniper berries and bay leaves. Now pour in just enough stock to cover the vegetables. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15-20 mins, or until the celeriac is soft. Using a potato masher break up the vegetables in the saucepan. You want a rough, thick soup. Finally stir in the cream, heat through and serve with the grated cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Future Market Dates and Events Saturday 21st October 9am -12pm Halloween Special Saturday 4th November 9am – 12pm (More details to follow)

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Sep 05 2017

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Wye Arts Association – Photographic Competition – My Wye

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Final Village image copy 7.5 x 10.9 a

                                      Entry reproduced by kind permission of Michael Gilburt

Earlier on this year The Wye Arts Association held a photographic competition which was judged by International World Wild Life photographer Steve Bloom. The subject being ‘My Wye.’

The winner of the adult section was Michael Gilburt whose compilation of pictures taken around our village depicts a whole picture of our village today, including our shops and businesses.

There was an exhibition of the entries in Wye Church where Mike was presented with the Ticketyboo cup.

Congratulations Mike for this wonderful depiction of our village!

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Jun 22 2017

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Taylors Garage

We promised to add memories of Wye Shops and Businesses from time to time. We now publish our memories of Taylor’s Garage.


Kentish Express Advertisement July 25th 1969

Taylors Garage

Taylor’s Garage was owned by the Lepper Family from approximately the 1960’s to early 80’s  It was then sold to partners the late Brian Hern and Alan Heron. The site is currently a housing development in Bridge Street known as Twysdon Court. On the left hand side of our photograph above taken in the 80’s can be seen the corner of what is currently Mary Hemsley’s Curtain and Soft Furnishing shop. During the Lepper’s time Mary’s shop was used by the Garage as their office, reception and spare parts shop. It later became the first office for Calcutt Maclean Estate Agents now known as Foxwood Maclean (Formerly this shop had been a pub known as The Swan).

IMG_8327 IMG_8328

Partners Brian Hern & Alan Heron. Also in the blue Jacket is Sarah Andrews who served on the petrol pumps.

IMG_8331 IMG_8332

The Petrol delivery was always overseen by Brian pictured on top of the tanker whilst Alan kept a watchful eye!

IMG_8334  IMG_8342

Whilst remembering Tayor’s Garage it brings back memories of villagers who passed by daily on their way up from Little Chequers to the shops.

In the left hand photograph is Kathleen Cole who was then Warden of the Luckley House Sheltered Housing scheme. She lived on site with her husband in a flat provided by the Council for the Warden. Pictured with Mrs Cole is Stewart Dunk who was at one time a shepherd for Wye College. In his retirement he delivered newspapers well into his eighties for the Wye newsagents known as and owned by Geerings.

The right hand photograph shows Bob and Sybil Cheeseman. They were a familiar sight as they walked regularly past the garage. Bob in his jaunty tartan cap complete with a red bobble. He always walked about six paces behind Sybil which most villagers found entertaining. They were both staunch members of the Methodist Church and their processional walk could be seen every Sunday evening as they made their way to the Chapel.

Taylor’s Garage was a thriving business and later Brian’s son Nigel joined his Father and Alan. Sadly Brian died and both Nigel and Brian continued with the business until such times they sold the site for development. The age of the Supermarket had arrived and Petrol sales were affected.

Although Brian, Alan and Nigel did not live in Wye, they were very much part of the Community and joined in the WBA events. Alan became the first Chairman of The Wye Business Association with Nigel as his Vice Chairman.





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Nov 27 2016

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Wye All Ready for Christmas

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tree7 tree-1

lights lights-2

This morning volunteers helped WBA to put up the village Christmas Lights in time for the Christmas Street Party which will be held on Friday 2nd December.

The Christmas Tree was donated and delivered by Perry Court Farm Shop

Grateful thanks to our volunteers who gave up their Sunday morning to help WBA.

This is the twentieth year of lights for our village!


Post Christmas:

How nice it was to receive the postcard above from a grateful member of our community.

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May 24 2016

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Wye Beer Festival

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24th, 25th & 26th June!

Beer Festival cropped



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Apr 02 2016

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Welcome to the home page of The Wye Business Association

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Updated 12/04/2018


We hope to help achieve these aims by publishing news of both our businesses and village.

Our members offer a startling range and variety of products, skills and services. Continue Reading »

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