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May 22 2018

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Geerings 34 High Street

As part of our History of Wye Village Shops Page we are pleased to be able to share the above photographs of 34 High Street Wye.

Geerings 1937

Geerings 1937  34 High Street Wye –     Photo kindly supplied by Delia Copland on loan from Miss Dorothy Coulter.

The young lady on the right is Miss Dorothy Coulter.

Geerings 1973

Geerings 1973 High Street Wye –  Photo kindly supplied by Delia Copland on loan from Miss Dorothy Coulter.

Standing in the doorway is Miss Dorothy Coulter.

Some may wonder why the High Street is so named when there are today no shops here. Of course there was a time when this street was lined with shops including the Co Op.

1980’s until the current day.

When Geerings closed, 34 High Street was purchased by Wye College and became a residence for students.

Later it was sold and became a private property  again. The shop then took on a chequered life and became a work shop and showroom for a potter, a bridal gown showroom and two different types of book shop.

It is now totally a private residence.




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Apr 27 2018

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Wife of Bath reveal bill from 1973


Bill from Holdstocks

The statement featured, recently appeared on The Wife of Bath’s Facebook Page.

It shows a list of goods purchased from Holdstock’s in 1973.

The shop is now a private house on the corner of Upper Bridge Street and the High Street

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Feb 24 2018

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Another business gem from our past


These are the latest photographs we have added to our ‘History of Wye Village Shops & Businesses’ Page.

For more detail :


Holdstock’s General Store 1970’s. Photograph Delia Copland.

The shop further along the High Street (N0 34) was Geerings Stationers and News Agents.

Farm Shop

The Farm Shop 1980’s. Photograph Miss Pam Harbour.

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Jun 22 2017

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Taylors Garage

We promised to add memories of Wye Shops and Businesses from time to time. We now publish our memories of Taylor’s Garage.


Kentish Express Advertisement July 25th 1969

Taylors Garage

Taylor’s Garage was owned by the Lepper Family from approximately the 1960’s to early 80’s  It was then sold to partners the late Brian Hern and Alan Heron. The site is currently a housing development in Bridge Street known as Twysdon Court. On the left hand side of our photograph above taken in the 80’s can be seen the corner of what is currently Mary Hemsley’s Curtain and Soft Furnishing shop. During the Lepper’s time Mary’s shop was used by the Garage as their office, reception and spare parts shop. It later became the first office for Calcutt Maclean Estate Agents now known as Foxwood Maclean (Formerly this shop had been a pub known as The Swan).

IMG_8327 IMG_8328

Partners Brian Hern & Alan Heron. Also in the blue Jacket is Sarah Andrews who served on the petrol pumps.

IMG_8331 IMG_8332

The Petrol delivery was always overseen by Brian pictured on top of the tanker whilst Alan kept a watchful eye!

IMG_8334  IMG_8342

Whilst remembering Tayor’s Garage it brings back memories of villagers who passed by daily on their way up from Little Chequers to the shops.

In the left hand photograph is Kathleen Cole who was then Warden of the Luckley House Sheltered Housing scheme. She lived on site with her husband in a flat provided by the Council for the Warden. Pictured with Mrs Cole is Stewart Dunk who was at one time a shepherd for Wye College. In his retirement he delivered newspapers well into his eighties for the Wye newsagents known as and owned by Geerings.

The right hand photograph shows Bob and Sybil Cheeseman. They were a familiar sight as they walked regularly past the garage. Bob in his jaunty tartan cap complete with a red bobble. He always walked about six paces behind Sybil which most villagers found entertaining. They were both staunch members of the Methodist Church and their processional walk could be seen every Sunday evening as they made their way to the Chapel.

Taylor’s Garage was a thriving business and later Brian’s son Nigel joined his Father and Alan. Sadly Brian died and both Nigel and Brian continued with the business until such times they sold the site for development. The age of the Supermarket had arrived and Petrol sales were affected.

Although Brian, Alan and Nigel did not live in Wye, they were very much part of the Community and joined in the WBA events. Alan became the first Chairman of The Wye Business Association with Nigel as his Vice Chairman.





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