Jan 24 2017

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Books by Sir Charles Jessel now Available at Ticketyboo

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Ticketyboo are pleased to introduce ‘Memories by Request’ the latest book by Sir Charles Jessel who lives in the neighbouring village of Hastingleigh.

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Memories by Request – Sir Charles J. Jessel Bt.


Reprinted with revisions 2017

Memories by Request is a reflection on a long and varied life partly in the very different world between the two World Wars. Having served in the Second World War, the peace brought Sir Charles varied careers and occupations as farmer, magistrate, journalist, restaurateur, dowser, nutritionist and charity trustee. His reflections, tempered by these experiences, provide a fascinating insight into country life over the last 80 years of dramatic change.”

Also by Sir Charles…

Inner Silence 1 (3)

An Anthology of Inner Silence compiled by Charles Jessel. Hardback at £10.

The management of stress is now considered a required skill if one wishes to avoid chronic ill health,a broken marriage, or other forms of trauma.

The available techniques are legion and their benefits variable. Of their exponents, the better ones disclaim the miraculous in favour of self-help and inner seeking; they postulate the need for mental stillness as a prerequisite bringing with it physical relaxation. Such stillness is the first step along the road towards an inner silence. But what is inner silence?

The question is posed in the Introduction to this unusual Anthology. In answer Charles Jessel quotes from William Johnston, the author of Silent Music, that it is ‘the liberation of the true self’.

There are 365 quotations – one for each day of the year – garnered from many different nations and cultures and spanning the centuries. Within this selection, from poets,writers, philosophers, saints and also discarnate teachers,each reader will find favourite passages for meditation and contemplation. These will become the individual and, in time, familiar landmarks along the personal road of liberation: a constant source of healing wisdom, an antidote for stress.”

Editor: Ticketyboo can vouch that this book has been bought for quite a few troubled people and can confirm it has proved a great source of comfort for them.

Listed below are other books from The Pelegrin Trust via Sir Charles Jessel which can be obtained to order from Ticketyboo all  at £10 each:

The Other World by Albert Pauchard –

Man Made Perfect, Teachings from The White Brotherhood transmitted to Mabel Beatty.

The Decisive Testimony – Originally published as part of The Light of the Gate. –

Evolution in a New Light – The Outworking of Cosmic Imaginism. –

Watcher on the Hills by Raynor C. Johnson.

Geraldine Cummins an Appreciation by Charles Fryer. –

Mankind’s Latent Powers by Phebe Payne.

All books are hard backed.

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