Jul 04 2019

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Art Week at The Sawyers

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So it’s Art week @ Sawyer . We are going to highlight a number of local artists online and in the bar over the next 7 days Please pop in and see some of their incredible work. Your support is much appreciated. The first I would like to introduce is Watercolours by Shona Taylor. Her words ; I’m a local artist however I grew up in Scotland; where my love of nature and painting began. While living in the Highlands, I benefitted from the endless inspiration of the beautiful countryside. Watercolour is my medium of choice, mainly for its simplicity and purity of colour. Painting flowers and foliage in an abstract style creates, for me, a sense of freedom and energy. Many thanks. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Pub/Sawyers-1034200343450085/

Editor: The Sawyers are to be congratulated for hosting such a community event. Artists create for the pleasure of others and need space to show their talents.

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