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New Flying Horse at Wye gets Makeover

New Fly Sign 2017

A Beautiful New hanging sign adorns the New Flying Horse at Wye.

New Flying Horse sign

The front of the inn has new signage and attractive large lanterns.

Mary Hemsley Interiors – Sale

Mary Hemsley (2)

Mary Hemsley has had many years in the interior industry

and therefore has a wealth of experience to offer you.

From fabrics to wallpaper, paint blinds and curtains she

is able to help you overcome those interior problems that baffle

and frustrate you.

She is also able to carry out your own ideas and contribute

a few helpful suggestions along the way. Mary’s sale is on from 10th July

and will continue for four weeks.

Mary's Ad


Wye Bakery comes to the front

Wye Bakery Bread Wye Bakery

There’s much excitement at Wye Bakery in Church Street as they prepare to open their new shop this coming Saturday 8th July.

For some time the Bakery has hidden itself away at the back of the building in Church Street. Now that the original Bakery shop and window has become available the owner Pauline Hickson has been preparing for this proud moment whereby she will be able to display her tasty bread and pastries for all to see. Who could resist and walk on by!

Wye Bakery 2 (2)

Cherry Stone Launching Competition


On Saturday 1st July Wye Farmers Market will be holding their annual cherry stone launching competition. Shoppers are invited to have a go at breaking last years record of 8.14 metres, with a farmers market gift voucher for the winner. Wye farmers market is held around The Green in the centre of Wye, 9am – 12noon. www.wyefarmersmarket.co.uk

All you need for a morning of relaxed shopping experience with a sprinkle of fun and village life thrown in.




Taylors Garage

We promised to add memories of Wye Shops and Businesses from time to time. We now publish our memories of Taylor’s Garage.


Kentish Express Advertisement July 25th 1969

Taylors Garage

Taylor’s Garage was owned by the Lepper Family from approximately the 1960’s to early 80’s  It was then sold to partners the late Brian Hern and Alan Heron. The site is currently a housing development in Bridge Street known as Twysdon Court. On the left hand side of our photograph above taken in the 80’s can be seen the corner of what is currently Mary Hemsley’s Curtain and Soft Furnishing shop. During the Lepper’s time Mary’s shop was used by the Garage as their office, reception and spare parts shop. It later became the first office for Calcutt Maclean Estate Agents now known as Foxwood Maclean (Formerly this shop had been a pub known as The Swan).

IMG_8327 IMG_8328

Partners Brian Hern & Alan Heron. Also in the blue Jacket is Sarah Andrews who served on the petrol pumps.

IMG_8331 IMG_8332

The Petrol delivery was always overseen by Brian pictured on top of the tanker whilst Alan kept a watchful eye!

IMG_8334  IMG_8342

Whilst remembering Tayor’s Garage it brings back memories of villagers who passed by daily on their way up from Little Chequers to the shops.

In the left hand photograph is Kathleen Cole who was then Warden of the Luckley House Sheltered Housing scheme. She lived on site with her husband in a flat provided by the Council for the Warden. Pictured with Mrs Cole is Stewart Dunk who was at one time a shepherd for Wye College. In his retirement he delivered newspapers well into his eighties for the Wye newsagents known as and owned by Geerings.

The right hand photograph shows Bob and Sybil Cheeseman. They were a familiar sight as they walked regularly past the garage. Bob in his jaunty tartan cap complete with a red bobble. He always walked about six paces behind Sybil which most villagers found entertaining. They were both staunch members of the Methodist Church and their processional walk could be seen every Sunday evening as they made their way to the Chapel.

Taylor’s Garage was a thriving business and later Brian’s son Nigel joined his Father and Alan. Sadly Brian died and both Nigel and Brian continued with the business until such times they sold the site for development. The age of the Supermarket had arrived and Petrol sales were affected.

Although Brian, Alan and Nigel did not live in Wye, they were very much part of the Community and joined in the WBA events. Alan became the first Chairman of The Wye Business Association with Nigel as his Vice Chairman.





Charity Book Fair Last Saturday

I am delighted to report that we raised £315 for the Demelza House Children’s Hospice at the Book Fair on Saturday.

Huge thanks to all the helpers – Ann, Polly, John and Pat, who manned the stalls and helped clear away. Also Catherine, who drove all the way from Canterbury to give us more load-carrying capacity to shuttle books to and from my store on both Friday and Saturday.

An especial thanks to Gervase, who also brought his car along as well as a strong pair of arms. We shifted around half a ton of books into and out of the Village Hall (i.e. close on one ton of books in total). Without his help, I’d probably have woken up in the William Harvey on Sunday!

I am also very grateful to those very generous villagers who were not able to come along on Saturday, but put donations through my door to support such an inspirational charity.

My final thanks is to all of you who donated the books. Without your contributions there would simply have been no Book Fair!

Ian Cooling



Keep it local with your summer BBQ




Everything you need for the BBQ will be at the Wye Farmers Market on Saturday 17th June. Burscombe Cliff Farm and JR meats will have a wide range of local sausages on sale, with VJ game also offering wild boar bangers. Wye Community Farm charcoal, salads from Ripple Farm, and Strawberries from Perry Court mean that your BBQ can be a truly local affair. www.wyefarmersmarket.co.uk


Wye Book Fair




Book Fair 1

From 09.00 to noon on Saturday, 10th June

Wye’s next charity book fair will be run on Saturday, 10th June.

This time, we shall be supporting Demelza House and we hope to

have a volunteer from the Charity manning a table at the Fair with

information about the Hospice and its work.

As usual, a whole roomful of books will be available for sale.

Literally hundreds and hundreds of books will be on display for you

to choose. Fiction and non-fiction. Paperback and hardback and as

usual, we shall have two tables devoted solely to children’s books.

All books are in very good condition and offered at seriously low

prices – well over 95% will be on sale at only £1 each.

We have also had a fine collection of Folio Society books donated.

All are in fine condition, some unread. Several are still on sale at

£40 and more. We shall be selling them at £5 each!

Do come along on the 10th and treat yourself to some real bargain

books while helping Demelza House in their superb work. They

provide care for terminally ill children and their parents who are

suffering the intolerable agony of watching their children die before

their eyes. Young lives ending before they have really begun

Thank you

Ian Cooling



Wye Community Farm Charcoal Production Training Day



Spend a day with WCF woodsman Jeff Austin to learn about the ancient craft of charcoal burning. Using WCF’s ring kiln in Brook Wood you will learn about all stages of the process; selection of timber, loading of the kiln, firing, controlling the burn, unloading and grading the charcoal.

£25. To book your place contact WCF: info@wyecommunityfarm.org.uk

Wye Community Farm


Wye Coffee Shop & Kitchen Takeaway


Takeaway Fridays open till 9.30pm
Homemade burgers, fish and chips lots more …

New Market Manager Wanted for Wye Farmers Market

F.Market 3  F.Market 2 

F.Market 1 F.Market 4

Wye Farmer’s Market is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic person to be their new Market Manager. Responsibilities include general planning and administration of the market, organising special events, sourcing new stall holders and carrying out local publicity and marketing.

12 hours per fortnight including market days– flexible to suit your situation although attendance at market days is mandatory – £10 per hour

  • Excellent communication and organisation skills essential
  • Basic IT literacy important – experience of working with social media, websites and Content Mgt Systems useful but not essential
  • Must have own transport
  • Most importantly, must be “community minded” and comfortable interacting with stall holders and shoppers alike.

For more information or for a detailed Job Description please email Mike Webster or send your CV or a covering letter to michaelgwebster@gmail.com . The post remains open until a suitable candidate is found.

Fond Farewell Rumpus as Wye Bakery Comes Upfront

Wye said goodbye to Rumpus on the Green last Saturday. A popular clothing agency run successfully by Jak Mansell. This was a lively and friendly business based at 22 Church Street. It certainly added sparkle to our village especially  its window displays. We wish Jak and her family all the best for the future. (We will however miss the bargains and lovely clothes.)

Twenty Two Church Street has for many years been a bakery. In 1960 Mr G. Hatton owned the Bakery and sold the business to Mr J Small who in turn sold it to Mr Bob Young. He closed down in the late 90’s -2,000. The shop stood empty until Mary Braithwaite and Nigel Ings opened it once again as a bakery in 2012 after a tremendous amount of restoration.

Mary & Nigel

  Mary & Nigel

They based the bakery and counter at the rear of the premises and the customers used the side passage to queue eagerly for their bread. The village was pleased to have its Bakery back again.

The shop itself was rented out to Jak Mansell who opened her dress agency Rumpus on the Green March 2012.

Wye Bakery 1991 (2) Bakery

Wye Bakery 1991                                                                   Wye Bakery 1998

In 2014 Mary & Nigel sought a new project moving up to the Isle of Luing Oban Scotland handing over the Bakery to Pauline Hickson who,  now will take on the shop bringing her wonderful display of pastries and freshly baked bread  back onto the front line of Church Street.


Pauline Hickson
Congratulations Pauline, Wye Bakery is to come out!

Wye Beer Festival 2017

Barber's Arms

Graham Austen informs us that once again he will be holding the Wye Beer Festival on The Green just near the Post Office TN25 5AH.

The event will take place on the last weekend in June. Friday 23rd 4pm – 11pm Saturday 24th 12pm – 11pm and Sunday 25th 12pm – 4pm.

This website has already had people searching for the Beer Festival which shows how popular it has become!

For further information contact:Graham Austen <austen2007@hotmail.co.uk>

Our Farmer’s Markets are held on the same location just off the A28 between Ashford and Canterbury, every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9am – 12noon.

Ticketyboo Latest Artwork for Sale

Defiant Hops Wye. 450 pxls

15 3/4 ” x 11 3/4” acrylic on canvas £100 by Ann Sutherland


              Defiant Hops of Wye

           There was a time when hops grew here.

           They were used to make the finest beer.

           ‘Progress’ ripped them from the ground.

           But… a few defiant hops can still be found.


                                                           copyright Ann Sutherland






In Celebration of The WI – 100 Years


May we draw your attention to The Wye Flower Festival in June.

Events 2017

Say ‘Cheese’ at the Wye Farmers Market


Visitors to Wye Farmers Market on Saturday 1st April will have the chance to try a tasty new product from Wye Community Farm. With cows, goats and sheeps cheese being widely available, WCF have seen a gap in the market and developed a cheese made from pigs milk. Although it sounds like a novel idea, cave drawings in the Scilly Isles show pigs being milked around 4,000 years ago. A grant from the Department for Agriculture and Food Technology has enabled WCF to develop a milking machine for pigs to meet modern hygiene requirements. Anyone wanting a free taste of the new cheese, called Porkies, just has to go to the WCF stall at the market and say “cheese”. The Market is held around the green in the centre of Wye 9am to 12 noon.

300 Bread Rolls and Much More as Wye Experiences the Effects of Spring

wye bakery logo2 Wye Bakery Bread


This weekend in Wye started off with a jolly note on Friday night. To be sure the Barbers Arms celebrated St Patrick’s day with Irish music and Guinness!

The same establishment appeared to be busy Saturday evening as rugby fans settled down with a pint or two to watch the match.

It is amazing how the weather can affect business, people spend more time at the Farmer’s market when the weather is kinder. The pubs and restaurants benefit too. How lucky we are as a village to sustain four pubs and two restaurants.


Here’s one young lady who with her husband and friends enjoyed a walk in Wye Woods followed by lunch at The New Flying Horse.

Robert of Leppers Homes and Gardens has his front window full of things to remind us it is time to get busy in our gardens. The store has a wealth of items right on our doorstep giving us more time to get on with those jobs!

Wakelins Butchers only had two portions of their delicious homemade vegetable lasagne left but plenty of fish as they had just had a delivery. Of course their meat always creates a fine display.

Pauline at Wye Bakery told us that as well as baking for this Saturday she had achieved producing 300 bread rolls for The Norton Knatchbull School Party. Judging by the empty bread baskets which surrounded  Pauline, Wye Bakery had had a successful Saturday.

Yes Spring has sprung in Wye and its good for business! Having sampled the homemade marshmallows of many different flavours, such as Bakewell Tart and Peaches and Cream which are produced by a young man at the farmer market….. Readers, if you are tempted to come to Wye, don’t fight it come and enjoy it!




History of Wye Village Shops & Businesses

May we draw your attention to a new article on our ‘History of Wye Businesses Page.’ 

A History of Wye Village Shops & Businesses

‘Its a huge thumbs up’ for The Wife of Bath

Emily 1

Mr & Mrs Robert Ward

Here’s one happy couple who celebrated a birthday at The Wife of Bath last Sunday. Having eaten a delicious lunch they were surprised with a plate containing ice cream and a ‘Happy Birthday’ message lettered in chocolate.

Wife of Bath 16587322_1443598199006613_4609507862975497439_o

Happy Birthday

Here’s what the Wards wrote on Facebook: ‘Thank you for THE most perfect lunch yesterday….. we were looked after SO well! Wonderful atmosphere and totally delicious, delicious food! A huge thumbs up from us!’


Wye Farmer’s Market Pancake Challenge


Visitors to the Wye Farmers Market this Saturday will be invited to demonstrate their flipping skills in a series of pancake races,  with prizes for adult and junior winners. Races start at 10 am, with contestants having to flip their pancake at least 10 times over the course of the race – get practicing now!

Bugden’s of Wye



A new article now appears on our History of Wye’s Shops and Businesses Page. http://wyebusiness.org.uk/a-history-of-wye-village-businesses/

Bugden's of Wye


Bugden’s of Wye Church Street.


Street Party Retirement

The Time Has Come

After twenty years of being involved and running the Wye Christmas Street Party (a WBA initiative) we have made the decision to retire and hopefully hand the event over to a younger keen community minded group.

It has been a lot of fun, very rewarding and indeed a privilege.

Also retiring are Richard Blackford and Mary Barrett who for some years have run the BBQ. For this we thank them very much and hope they can now stop dreaming of burgers!

We would like to thank all those people who have supported this event.

How sad it would be if what has now become a twenty year old Wye tradition and a good way of raising funds for our community ceased.

It now needs a younger input to come forward and pick up the Street Party baton.

Peter will remain treasurer but it needs others to manage the event.

Ashford Borough Council require 12 weeks notice for the Road Closure and Clubs and Societies two months notice. Therefore mid August would be a good time to start planning.

Anyone from Wye interested please contact 812 671

Yoga therapy room to go ahead

Llyods Bank

Circled the former Llyods Bank building

Nothing can be more miserable for a village than to have an empty shop. The former home of Mr & Mrs Luing became a branch of Llyods Bank in the 70’s and was a busy establishment together with The Nat West  opposite. Wye college provided plenty of students all wishing to sign on at the banks as soon as they arrived in our village. Following the closure of the College our Llyods branch in Church Street eventually closed November 2010. The front doorway was decorated with black ribbons in ‘memory of’ by a saddened resident.

The village was delighted when artist Edwina Finn opened her beautiful art and gift shop  naming it Botanic. Number 24 Church Street was alive again! Unfortunately this lovely establishment closed last year and has stood empty.

The Parish Council Website reports the following:

Ashford Borough Council has approved a change of use application for the ground floor of the former Lloyds Bank at 24 Church Street, from A1 (retail use) to a yoga and therapy room.

The planning application did not propose any internal or external changes to the fabric of the Grade II listed building, or new signage, but the decision will result in the loss of retail premises in the centre of Wye. The case officer’s report concluded that “Whilst this proposal would result in the loss of an A class use, which Policy TRS16 seeks to resist, marketing evidence had been provided to demonstrate that the property is no longer viable for this purpose.”

“Further, the proposed development for a yoga/therapy use would bring a vacant unit back into a commercial use thereby supporting the local rural economy in accordance with national planning policy. I do not consider that the proposed development would cause demonstrable harm to highway safety or cause substantial harm to the listed building or character and appearance of the conservation area. I therefore consider that on balance the application should be approved.”

Wye Parish Council regretted the loss of a small shop, and drew the officer’s attention to the lack of off-road parking in the centre of Wye, but supported the application for the reasons above.

After Lloyds Bank closed its Wye branch in 2010 the 392 sq ft premises operated as a gift shop. The applicant, Alison Belsom, trading as Sunfish Yoga and Therapy Ltd from Mersham, has run popular weekly yoga classes in Wye for over ten years. http://www.sunfishyogaandtherapy.co.uk/

 We wish Alison every success. Its good to see Number 24 Church Street back in business!

National Award for Wye Community Farm

The British White Cattle Society have awarded Wye Community Farm their Enterprise Trophy, in recognition of WCF’s work to promote the breed. Pictured are our young farmers, who tend the cattle every Saturday morning, with the trophy.  To learn more about the British White breed visit www.britishwhitecattle.co.uk WCF’s educational work is funded by members annual subscriptions; if not yet a member please visit the membership page on our website www.wyecommunityfarm.org.uk

Top 50 Gastropubs 2017 – Wye’s Kings Head at Number 25!


Mark Lightfoot and Scott Richardson

Wye’s dynamic duo are once again aiming for yet another award. Not only are people hungry for their tasty locally sourced food, these two gentlemen are hungry for awards! This time they are up against 49 other competitors and are currently at number 25.

The Top 50 Gastropub Awards is a highly regarded and influential national list of food led pubs, recognised for their outstanding food offer and service. The list entrants are voted for by top foodies and hospitality experts, these include gastropub operators (who can’t vote for their own pubs), food writers, pubco catering development managers and executive chefs, celebrity and top hospitality industry chefs, pub guide editors, industry chiefs and food operators. The voting criteria ensures the list really is decided by the industry.

Kings Head Wye3.JPG

This is an exciting time for not only Scott, Mark and The Kings Head, its exciting for our village!

We wish them lots of luck!

For further news, check out the following websites:







No Veg Shortage at Wye Farmer’s Market






The current shortage of imported vegetables is a reminder that there is no substitute for seasonal local produce.
At this Saturdays Farmers Market Ripple Farm Organics will have on sale a wide range of winter salads and vegetables, all grown within 1 mile of the market.
Importing fresh food has a huge environmental impact; to give one example, for every calorie of iceberg lettuce flown in from Los Angeles, 127 calories of fuel are consumed.

 Wye farmers Market is held around the green in the centre of Wye every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am till noon.

Office for Rent

There is an office for rent over the top of Wye Bakery.

22 Church Street Wye, tN25 5BJ

Contact Mary Braithwaite & Nigel Ings  Tel: 01852 314094

History of Wye Village Businesses – New Article

Hop onto our History of ‘Wye Villages Businesses Page’ where a new article awaits you!

A History of Wye Village Businesses

Foraging Walk with Wye Community Farm 11th February


Discover the subtle signs that spring is on its way and some of the edibles from February hedgerows – it may be slim pickings but we will try!
Dress warmly, wear boots and meet at Brook Agricultural Museum at 10am on Saturday 11th February.
£5 adults, £2.50 children.

Wye Community Farm

Sweet Love at the Wye Farmer’s Market



Velta’s Heavenly truffles will be running a Valentines Day themed stall with a range of delights to treat your loved one.  Try some strawberry truffles with Bols strawberry liqueur, strawberry segments, and a strawberry extract with a light strawberry dusting.  All truffles will be included in a gift box along with a range of Belgium chocolate hearts and colourful chocolate mini handbags.  You can order your special gift from Velta at the Market to be delivered in Wye for Valentines Day.

Also at the market will be young entrepreneur Sam, with his love heart delights in Marshmallow –  he has some very cool flavours to try.

The Wye Farmers Market is held around the green in the centre of Wye every 1st and 3rd Saturday 9 am till noon

Books by Sir Charles Jessel now Available at Ticketyboo

Ticketyboo are pleased to introduce ‘Memories by Request’ the latest book by Sir Charles Jessel who lives in the neighbouring village of Hastingleigh.

Yellow Book (4)

Memories by Request – Sir Charles J. Jessel Bt.


Reprinted with revisions 2017

Memories by Request is a reflection on a long and varied life partly in the very different world between the two World Wars. Having served in the Second World War, the peace brought Sir Charles varied careers and occupations as farmer, magistrate, journalist, restaurateur, dowser, nutritionist and charity trustee. His reflections, tempered by these experiences, provide a fascinating insight into country life over the last 80 years of dramatic change.”

Also by Sir Charles…

Inner Silence 1 (3)

An Anthology of Inner Silence compiled by Charles Jessel. Hardback at £10.

The management of stress is now considered a required skill if one wishes to avoid chronic ill health,a broken marriage, or other forms of trauma.

The available techniques are legion and their benefits variable. Of their exponents, the better ones disclaim the miraculous in favour of self-help and inner seeking; they postulate the need for mental stillness as a prerequisite bringing with it physical relaxation. Such stillness is the first step along the road towards an inner silence. But what is inner silence? Continue Reading »

Remember this ?

Sutherland Storers

Sutherland Stores 145 Bridge Street 1980 -1999.

Currently Ticketyboo  Art and Gifts. http://www.ticketyboowye.org/

Take a look at our NEW History of Wye village businesses page   http://wyebusiness.org.uk/a-history-of-wye-village-businesses/